When Cole was initially diagnosed, and throughout his treatment, he always loved all things superhero, especially Batman. The Batcole symbol was drawn on a napkin by a family friend and quickly became Cole’s identity.  A little boy’s smirk and childhood innocence, behind the mask of a superhero as he defied the odds with his cancer, is the cornerstone of our foundation’s logo.



The Batcole Foundation is a public 501(c)3 non-profit, that is committed to raising funds for research to develop novel, superior therapies for neuroblastoma and other pediatric cancers.  Together with our foundation board, specialized pediatric cancer treatment centers and physicians, our goal is to identify clinical therapies which have the most promising clinical blueprints for success. 

Our hope is to bring awareness, of how underfunded pediatric cancer research is, to individuals, families, schools and communities.  We want these groups to partner with the Batcole Foundation to raise funding and awareness to fill this gap.

We also want to support families and centers where Cole was treated by decorating hospital and treatment rooms for kids to brighten the lives of these kids and families who have to go to the hospital for treatment.  

The Batcole Foundation also provides fun, decorated Band-Aids through its Band-Aid program, and toys to hospitals and treatment centers throughout the year.