Year-End Donations and Batcole Gear!

Don't forget that all donations to the Batcole Foundation must be made or postmarked by December 31st to be tax-deductible for 2015!  The Batcole Foundation is an approved 501(c)(3) charity and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law (please consult your tax professional if you have any questions!)  We are so close to being able to help fund a new trial in early 2016, so anything you can give will help our cause!

Also, please remember that we are still taking up orders for the new Batcole Subway Shirt !  Orders will be taken up through early January 2016 and we won't have many extras- so if you want one of my favorite designs yet, orders yours soon!  We still have a few Batcole Baseball Hats and a few Batcole Beanies left too, but not many!  We also still have a few t-shirts left as well, so visit our Batcole Gear page!  100% of the proceeds from the sale of Batcole Gear goes to funding new non-toxic pediatric cancer clinical trials.

Thank you so much for giving the Batcole Foundation such a great start in 2015!  We are excited to keep helping others like our inspiration, Cole

Carol Winnefeld